"Tes couleurs me transporte toujours dans un autre monde! Merci pour tout!
Your colors always bring me into another world! Thank you for everything!"
— P, France

"Ville bara säga att du är en extremt duktig fotograf. Otroligt vackert och färgglatt. Alltid roligt att se när det går bra för kvinnor, framförallt i ett yrke som brukar anses som mansdominerande.
Just wanted to say that you are an extremely talented photographer. Amazingly beautiful and colorful [images]. Always fun to see when things are going well for women, especially in a profession that is usually regarded as male-dominated."
— SL, Sweden

"Alex Tjoa-一个对摄影充满热忱的摄影师。她的每一张照片就像一幅画,借由照片述说着一段美丽的故事。她的照片是有灵魂的…因为她是真的很用心去拍每一张照片。还有谁能像Alex Tjoa 把人和大自然的美结合得那么天衣无缝…只有她-Alex Tjoa.
Alex Tjoa – A photographer full of passion for photography. Her every photo is like a picture, narrating a beautiful story. Her photos have a soul…because she really takes a picture with her heart. Is there anybody integrating people and nature beauty so flawlessly like Tjoa…only she…Alex Tjoa."
– Shi Yee Chen, UK-Malaysia

"I cannot stop studying your work – An amazing photographer and artist!!!"
— Keith Borg, Malta

"WOW! What a gorgeous and amazing colour of nature! You really did a wonderful work. I can't stop looking at it."
— Shiyi Lim, Indonesia

"Amazing artworks! Colorful, soulful, and stunningly beautiful. As a person you are very strong and passionate. You put your heart and soul into your art. Hope to have an opportunity to learn from you."
— Diana, Indonesia

"Capolavori di rara bellezza, una raffinata scelta di colori, soggetti e luoghi che attraverso la professionalità di Alex Tjoa ci emozionano con estrema semplicità.
Masterpieces of rare beauty, a fine choice of colors, subjects and places that through the professionality of Alex Tjoa (alextjoa.com) emotionally touch us with extreme simplicity."
— Barbara, Trieste, Italia

[mempromosikan Indonesia, memayu hayuning bawana, memperindah yang sudah indah, a builder, not a destroyer, Athena who created the first olive tree vs. Poseidon]

Text: Marianne Westerlund
Photos: alextjoa.com
Forum Gotland nr. 7 2017

Meet the Indonesian photographer Alex Tjoa who specializes in food photography. The love to her home country's kitchen and for nature and its gifts are the foundation.

We meet to talk about photography. We also do that, but from the first second we get into the theme of food. Alex stands in her little plot in Visby inner city when I arrive, in the process of cutting delicate flowers and herbs for the Indonesian lunch she cooked. In the basket next to the pandan leaves, she puts blue sky pea flowers. The table setting is as aesthetic as her pictures, the lunch almost too beautiful to be eaten, reminiscent of a Caravaggio painting.

- When I take pictures of food, it is not just to show off a beautiful dish, but to get people to understand the importance of eating healthily, Alex begins. To make them associate with nature and its generous gifts. What we consider as weeds is often pure health food.

Alex talks about all the wild in nature that people of ignorance resist.

Like dandelion, whose leaves are full of vitamin C and, as in the spring, a delicacy in every salad. Its roots can be used in soups when the autumn darkness drops. It is difficult for Alex to understand that people thoughtlessly pulls up the dandelion. Easy-to-grow winter purslane is a favorite. The plant contains more Omega-3 fatty acids than any other leafy vegetable, including magnesium, calcium and iron. That the project Alex has been working with for several years dealing with food is not surprising.

- Together with my friend Helianti Hilman I make a book about Indonesian food. We work on a voluntary basis, the profits will go to young Indonesian farmers who grow organically.

- Indonesian food is fantastic. The country consists of 17,000 islands that have such a mild climate that you can grow there all year round. In the book I want to show that Indonesian food can be just as fantastic as the one served at the world's best restaurants. I often travel to different countries just to dine at those restaurants.

Alex grew up in a family who loved food. Her father is Chinese, her mother is Indonesian with Chinese roots [to be precise, I have northern Han, southern Han, Tibetan, Korean, and Indian DNA]. Every morning fresh produce was traded on the market. The goods were cooked and eaten the same day. There was no refrigerator in the home, storing food was a strange thought. Everything is freshly eaten. Next year, Alex will travel to India to teach Tibetan refugee children to take pictures of food and tell about the importance of eating healthy. It will be her first trip to the exciting country.

- If you eat food without nutrition, such as fast food, not only the body is affected unhealthily but also the mind. I think the wrong kind of food is the basis for many horrible things going on in the world.

- Think of all children who have difficulty concentrating because they get artificial sweeteners in candy and soft drinks, overall too much sugar and dyes and additives in the food.

Growing your own food is also character building, Alex points out. You learn patience. A hollyhock does not bloom when planted, but only the following year its beauty is fully seen.

Alex bought her first DSLR camera ten years ago. The interest in art has followed her through life. Already as a two-year-old, when she just learned to grab a pencil, she painted.

Alex is an architect by training. A role model is the deceased Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. His credo was to avoid straight lines and use nature as a teacher. A nature creates soft lines along rivers, in the silhouettes of mountains and in a woman's body, he wanted to create his buildings.

Alex is an architect by training. A role model is the deceased Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. His credo was to avoid straight lines and use nature as a teacher. As nature creates soft lines along rivers, in the silhouettes of mountains and in a woman's body, he wanted to create his buildings.

- In nature there are no straight lines. Look at the horizon. The universe consists of curves.

Alongside food, Alex loves to photograph landscapes. Sometimes she uses people in the picture. It makes it harder. Nature cannot be controlled, it takes no account of the photographer. People often feel uncomfortable in picture. They need direction, make up, right clothes and facial expressions. Having a person in front of the camera lens means double-trouble.

- It's so much easier to just concentrate on nature, even though you have to wait for hours for the right light.

When Alex paints she does it with the brushes sparkling in colors. She loves pink, red and orange. Then she also wants to photograph. She follows a Javanese philosophy that says, "Make the world that is so beautiful even more beautiful." She doesn't like dark images, the world is already so full of darkness and problems. She doesn't want to contribute to that.

- It is our responsibility as human beings to make our world a better place.

In the future, Alex dreams of buying a piece of land where she can build an environmentally house. The land should be grown organically. And she wants to tell in her pictures about everything that the earth gives us for free.

Alex Tjoa — International Fine Art Photographer

I teach magazine editors and photographers, business school alumni, and Tibetan refugee children in Dharamshala, India, design awareness, out-of-the-box innovative thinking and creativity, and how to create beautiful and emotionally touching food photography. If you would like to boost design awareness in your company as a competitive advantage, please drop me an email.

Fancy a wonderful, unforgettable, one-of-a-kind pre-wedding and wedding photography in Santorini, Greece, or even Iceland, Namibia, and Antarctica?

Alex Tjoa offers custom-designed destination boutique wedding packages all over the world. As a fine art photographer who has lived in Denmark, Indonesia, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, and travelled to 44 countries, Alex knows the best, most exotic and unique locations for your exclusive pre-wedding and wedding photography — from the magical Santorini, Paris, and Venice to the enchanting glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón in Iceland to the mystical Sossusvlei in Namibia to the untouched beauty of Bhutan.

With her impeccable taste, Alex offers stunning, impressive, and high-quality images from around the world in the spirit of peaceful elegance and artistic timelessness.

Bringing Alex along as your destination photographer provides many benefits. Alex is a polyglot. Fluency in English, Norwegian, Swedish, Indonesian and familiarity with Danish, Malay, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, gives Alex that unique edge. She is also keen on learning Korean calligraphy.

Alex is available for commercial, product, and food photography assignments worldwide. Click here to contact Alex.

She also leads international photography workshops in luxury destinations for connoisseur photographers.


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