Jonatan anak mama

You can read the story of me and my son Jonatan at Nova,

Dear friends from all over the world, your faithful and loving support and ACTIVE bystandership to #SaveJonatan and our petition really mean a lot to us. Thank you very much.

Swedish author #JonasJonasson has separated his son Jonatan Jonasson Tjoa from his Indonesian mother Alex Tjoa since 2009 without any contact whatsoever, not even a photo. Please #SaveJonatan by sharing and signing this petition,

Here is the video of Jonas Jonasson's son Jonatan Jonasson Tjoa dragged on the floor by the perjurious Swedish social service worker Kerstin Olofsson because he refused to return to his father. Jonatan finally agreed to go home to his father if his mother carried him on her shoulders,



May whatever you do, say, or think benefit ALL sentient beings and help them to attain full awakening quickly.

Much love from mama,

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Digital Camera magazine, January 2015

Digital Camera magazine, Indonesia, January 2015, features a six-page interview about my photography. Digital Camera is the number-one photography magazine in Britain and Indonesia. 

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Majalah Digital Camera, Januari 2015, wawancara enam halaman tentang fotografi Alex Tjoa.

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